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Early History of Allegan Michigan

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Early History of Allegan Michigan
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Early History of Allegan Michigan
Originally published in 1878.

 27 pages

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Rutsan, R. and G. W. Fairchild, J.Weeks, F. Wilson, H. Fisher, D. A. Plummer, W. Marshall, F. Vanbogart, D.and J. W. Willard, R. Rogers, D. Bracelin, W. P. Giddings, B. W. Kibby,

F.         C. Parker, J. Ross, I. Dexter, J. Knowlton, S. Brockway, J. B. Price.

Some of the immigrants of 1839 were S. Rumery, D. Kingsbury, H. L. Hurd, H. S. Higinbotham, J. Green, S. Underwood, D. and E. Wilder, A. P. Bush.

            From 1840 to 1845 included S. Miles, E. and L. Knapp, D. C. Hen­derson, J. B. Alexander, M. Hawks, L. Barker, H. Staring, Asa Morse, S. Stafford, H. C. and G. C. Smith, J. B. Allen, J. Frost, J. Bush, A. and A. B. Carpenter, W. Hinckley, C. C. Willis, C. C. Brownson, J. P. McCormick, H. Lonsbury, E. B. Bassett, C. R. Wilkes, R. and L. Thompson, A. R. Calkins, J. Moses, J. Littlejohn, Jr., R. Dyer, J. and J. W. Kent, G. Bigsby, G. Up­dyke, C. J. Tanner, 0. Godspeed, T. N. Hudson, R.G. Winn.

Between 1845 and 1850 included the following among others immigrated into Allegan: A. Muma, J. Rawley, S. Peek, Crary, A., H., J. and M. Cook, Rev. D. Platt, J. Sadler, S. P. Stanley, Z. Huggins, R. Updyke, 0. B. Bell­inger, B. Collins, L. Comstock, T. Childs, R. Mabbs, L. Sage, Watson Brown, G. and J. Stegeman, F. Ronte. H. S. Lay, J. E. Babbitt, G. Peet, Mr. Hovey, W. Partridge, J. Dyer, H. Stimson, H. Cole, J. Yelden, M. Baldwin, H. Green, C. and M. Richards, T. J. Parker.

Within the following eight years the following were among those that took up their residence in the town: E. B. Born, Eggleston, H. Carter, S. H., 0., and W. Priest, Geo. Lovelace, J. M. Foster, J. R. Rockwell, A. Wood, S. Shank, J. Penfield, J. Gritz, T. Bush, P. 0. Littlejohn, J. 0. Northrop, Alanson and Augustus Lilly, McComber, J. Agan, C. and F. Atwell, J. Clement, H. and D. D. Seamon, M. Stegeman, P. Vahue, C. J. Bassett, C. Baker, S. Harnden, G. Hewitt, A. Cheeney, G. E. and N. Jewett, F. Sullivan, D. White, A. Hurd, J. B. Porter, J. D. and E. D. Follett, G. W. and G. R. Stone, G. and A. Oliver, W. B. Williams, J. Aldworth, J. and P. Cook, D. and S. Ellinger, W. C. Messinger, P. S. Aldrich, W. C. Haynes, J. D. and H. H. Pope, C. W. and A. E. Calkins, D. and J. Ely, W. Allen, B. Tagg, T. L. Dean, P. Smith, J. Pfeiffner, J. Fansler, J. Alley, W. A. Aiberts, D. Thomp­son, T. J. and J.

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