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History House Sample Pages II

Gibson County Tennessee

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Gibson County Tennessee

History of Gibson County Tennessee
 Extracted from Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee 1887 .

 35 pages


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1878, since which time Mr. Dodson has been the sole proprietor. From twelve to fifteen hands are employed in manufacturing the "Jarrell Plow," cotton scrapers, and other implements. Until recently a grist-mill was operated in connection with the foundry.


E. W. Ing operates a large steam cotton-gin, which is run to its fullest capacity during the season. In 1880 the Humboldt furniture factory was established by a stock company, of which L.C. Tyler was president. After running very successfully for one year, it, with a large part of the business portion of the town, was destroyed by fire.


Humboldt is located in one of the most important fruit-growing sections of Tennessee, and at present has three large nurseries in successful operation, producing all the varieties of fruit trees, vines and ornamental shrubbery grown in this latitude. The "Humboldt nurseries" were established in 1859 by B. P. Transou, who continued as sole proprietor until 1866, when he was joined by his brother, E. T. Transou. In 1878 the latter sold his interest to M. G. Senter, who, since the death of B. F. Transou, has conducted the business.


In 1874 C. H. Ferrill & Co. established the "Pomona Nursery" about one-half a mile north of the town. It now covers about 120 acres, and from fifty to sixty agents are employed in selling its products in Tennessee and all the surrounding States. Morgan & Murphy are the present proprietors of the "Eureka Nursery," which was established in 1881 by Porter & Brown.


The first newspaper in Humboldt was the Cosmos, a Whig paper, which was established in 1860, and edited by W. H. Stillwell and S. W. Sharp. In 1867 the Headlight was established by Isaac McFarland, who continued its publication but a short time. It was succeeded by the Argus, Journal, Herald and Enterprise, all of which were short lived. In August, 1885, C. H. Ferrill & Co. began the publication of the Messenger, a nine-column folio, which they have since continued with good success.


All the leading secret orders are represented at Humboldt, with the exception of the K. of P. and I. 0. 0. F. The lodge of the latter order, which was instituted in 1868, recently surrendered its charter. Shiloh Lodge, No.202, A. F. & A. M., was organized about three miles north of Humboldt in 1847. In 1859 it was removed to the town, where a hall was erected at a cost of $3,500. This was recently destroyed by fire,

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